Casting Calls

Casting Calls for Outdoor Reality Shows

 Have you ever thought about going to a casting call for an outdoor reality show like the Alone, Survivor, Naked and Afraid or any of the dozens of other outdoor reality shows? Maybe you have an excellent idea for a new reality show and want to go to a casting call to pitch your million dollar outdoor reality show instead?


List of Casting Calls for Outdoor Reality Shows


Alone Show Casting – With thousands of outdoor survival experts applying to be on one of the best “real” Outdoor Reality Shows, the Alone Show doesn’t host casting calls. Instead, you’ll need to email the producers of the Show Leftfield Entertainment, at with your name, age, location, outdoor survival experience and all your contact information.

Naked and Afraid Casting Application – The Naked and Afraid Outdoor Reality Show is about as real as it gets when you’re stripped of everything including your clothes. Getting on Discovery Channel Hit Reality Show’s can be a simple process if you can impress the casting directors. The #1 thing you need to be a contestant on Naked and Afraid according to the supervising casting director of the Show Kristi Russell, is proven survival skills with a big personality. Kristi is the president of Metal Flowers Media and supervising casting director for multiple reality shows including Naked and Afraid. The initial email casting call application also asks for a video of you demonstrating some of your outdoor survival skills. It’s also a big plus if you already have an Outdoors themed YouTube Channel where the casting crew can get a sense of your personality in front of the camera.

Survivor Series has two different ways to apply for the #1 Ranked Outdoor Survival  Show. You can attend an open casting call held by a CBS affiliate or submit your application online. When attending an open casting call for Survivor you only need to bring an I.D. and a smile as they’ll take care of your video audition. If applying online by email you’ll need to include your all important video audition and a recent photo.

Ultimate Survival Alaska is another Outdoor Reality Show Metal Flowers Media does all the casting and directing for this series on the National Geographic channel. The Ultimate Survival Alaska Show consists of four teams of wilderness survival experts dropped off deep in Alaska. Choose your partners wisely before submitting your application

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