Naked and Afraid XL Season 2

Naked and Afraid XL Cast for Season 2

The Naked and Afraid XL series is as real as it gets when it comes to Outdoor Reality TV. First off, all cast members already proved themselves and survived 21 days with a perfect stranger to be considered for the XL Challenge. Even if the contestants survive the three-week challenge, there’s no guarantee Discovery will pick the cast member for the Naked and Afraid XL (Extra Long) Reality Challenge. In fact, the series only chooses one successful outdoor survivalist (if any) from any given team completing the regular Naked and Afraid challenge.

In Naked and Afraid XL in Season 2, the Discovery Channel’s sending twelve accomplished outdoor survivalists into the South African Jungle for the 40-day challenge. Posted below is an alphabetical “List of Cast Members for Naked and Afraid XL” appearing in Season 2 listed by their first names. Just like in Season 1 XL Challenge, Season 2 consists of six males and six females


Alyssa on Naked and Afraid XL

Alyssa Ballerstero’s cast for Naked and Afraid XL in Season 2 after surviving with Luke Pytlik in the Yucatan for 21 days. Alyssa and Luke’s Yucatan adventure is one of the best “McGuiver Style” episodes ever seen on the Naked and Afraid Show. For instance, there’s several primitive fire starting methods demonstrated before the team finally started a fire. Alyssa wasn’t sure what to think after learning most of Luke’s survival skills was self-taught from watching You-Tube videos. The team quickly bonded and combined their survival skills and concurred the Yucatan challenge. Alyssa is 29 years old and from Durham, New Hampshire, where she’s perfected her primitive outdoor survival skills. After successfully completing the 21-day challenge in Yucatan, Alyssa’s PSR (Primitive Survival Rate) increased to 7.8.

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Angel on Naked and Afraid XL

Angel Rodriguez on Naked and Afraid XL in Season 2. Angel made his first appearance on the Show with Nicole Terry successfully completing the 21 days surviving during a drought in Nicaragua. Angel started the 21-day challenge with PSR: 7.3, while Nicole had a rating PSR: 5.9. Angel Rodriguez is 37 years old and lives in Santa Cruz, California. He’ll be starting the Naked and Afraid XL Challenge with his new PRS: 8.1 Rodriguez earned surviving in Nicaragua.

Carrie on Naked and Afraid XL

Carrie Booze on Naked and Afraid XL Season 2. Carrie and Tom Touw successfully survived the twenty one day challenge in Cambodia. Carrie is 27 years old and a part-time model living in Denver, Colorado. She entered the Cambodia challenge with a PSR: 6.4 out of 10. Surprisingly, even though Tom and Carrie made it to the extraction point and completed the 21-day challenge, both their PSR scores dramatically dropped. Carrie will be entering the Naked and Afraid XL Challenge with a PSR 4.8 which is the lowest of all 12 contestants.

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Clarence on Naked and Afraid XL

Clarence Gilmer on Naked and Afraid XL Season 2. Clarence and survival partner, Bree Walker, was recently seen on Naked and Afraid last month on the “Strength and Pain” episode filmed in Honduras for Season 5. Clarence starts the first challenge with a PSR: 7.2 gaining most of his outdoor survival experience living homeless out in the woods. Bree began with a PSR: 6.9 but tapped out on the 14th day dropping her PSR: to 4.8 and leaving Clarence all Alone. After three weeks surviving in Honduras, Clarence lost a whopping 40 lbs., but his PSR (Primitive Survival Rate) jumped to a respectable 7.9 entering the Naked and Afraid XL Challenge.

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Darrin on Naked and Afraid XL

Darrin Reay on Naked and Afraid XL Season 2. Darrin and his survival partner, Angela, successfully survived together for three weeks on the “Lord of the Rats” Naked and Afraid episode. Darrin now 34 years old, is a survival skills instructor from Moab, Utah in real life which helped him receive a PSR: 7.8 before the challenge began. After the 21 day survival challenge, Darrin’s PSR was raised to an impressive 8.2 which He’ll start with in the Naked and Afraid XL Challenge.

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Jake on Naked and Afraid XL

Jake Nodar on Naked and Afraid XL Season 2. Jake was on Naked and Afraid in Amazonia in the “Rise Above” episode with Jamie Little. The two outdoor survivalists relationship might’ve been rocky at first, but in the end, Jake and Jamie concurred the Amazonia Jungle in style. Jake Nadar is 37 years old and lives in Darnestown, Maryland, where he’s perfected his outdoor survival skills. When asked if Jake would ever do another episode of Naked and Afraid in the video above, Jake responds in a single word, “Absolutely.” Well, it looks like Jake got his wish and will be competing in the more challenging “Naked and Afraid XL” starting with a PSR: 8.0 survival rating

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Kim on Naked and Afraid XL

Kim Kelly on Naked and Afraid XL Season 2. Kim was first seen on Naked and Afraid with survival partner Gary Underhill, in the “Forsaken” premiere episode in season 5. The 21-day challenge took place in Panama on San Jose Island, which is a very dense jungle. Gary entered the challenge with a Primitive Survival Rating with 7.1 but tapped out on the fourth day leaving Kim all Alone on the Show.

Kim’s initial PSR rating was set at 6.2 and chose to bring a Bow drill for starting fires but lacked the experience using the survival tool. It took three days to master the skill, but she never gave up and eventually started a fire. On the 18th day, the 24-year-old from Moab, Utah, successfully caught a small alligator providing Kim enough food for the remainder of the challenge. The next day she caught a wild pig but releases it back into the wild. Kim’s final PSR increases to 7.0 entering the Naked and Afraid XL Challenge in Season 2.

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Phaendra on Naked and Afraid XL

Phaendra Brothers on Naked and Afraid XL – Season 2. Phaendra first entered the Naked and Afraid challenge with Hakam Isler, in Season 3, Episode 7 in India. Unfortunately, she got food poisoning before being dropped off which is not the best way to enter a 21-day survival challenge. The medics were finally called on day #4 when Hakam insists Phaendra tap out of the challenge. By all accounts it looked like Brothers would be forced out of the challenge, but She refused to give up and slowly recovered the next few days. Phaendra, now 29 years old, rose her primitive survival rate from an initial 6.2 to entering the Naked and Afraid XL challenge with a PSR: 6.8.


Ryan on Naked and Afraid XL

Ryan Holt on Naked and Afraid XL in Season 2. Ryan’s first appearance on Naked and Afraid was with his partner Amber, surviving in the middle of the Everglades. Knowing the Everglades is full of Alligators, Amber visited an Alligator Farm in Colorado and physically wrestled a few in preparation for the Show. When the Discovery Channels Naked and Afraid came knocking on Ryan Holt’s door, He was just finishing up a year-long survival guiding school. Combined, this Naked and Afraid couple came physically and mentally prepared to handle 21 days in the Everglades. Unfortunately, Amber was forced to tap-out for medical reasons leaving Ryan to survive all alone. Ryan didn’t just survive in the Everglades, He Thrived. It was an easy decision for the producers including Ryan Holt in Naked and Afraid XL Season 2 going into this challenge was a PSR: 8.3 survival rating score.


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Lee on Naked and Afraid XL

Lee Trew on Naked and Afraid XL Season 2. Lee and his survival partner, Stacy Osorio, were first seen on Naked and Afraid in Croatia in the “From in Ashes” episode. Trew started the challenge with an initial PSR: 7.6, and Osorio was rated a PSR: 6.2 survival rating. On the 4th day, Stacy had a pot of hot water spill over her back resulting in 3rd-degree burns. The medics want her to go to the hospital, but she refuses to give up and leave Lee surviving all Alone. On the 8th day, the infection was still spreading, and she had no choice but to tap out. Lee’s now alone successfully completes the 21 day challenge with a positive mental attitude the entire time. Trew’s Primitive Survival Rate increases to PSR: 8.4 which he’ll start the Naked and Afraid XL challenge.

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Steven on Naked and Afraid XL

Steven Lee Hall on Naked and Afraid XL Season 2. Steven and survival partner Chalese Meyer was on the Naked and Afraid Alabama survival challenge premiere episode. Hall is 33 years old from Amarillo, Texas, entering the challenge with an initial PSR: 8.0, while Meyer’s started with a PSR: 6.3 out of 10. When it comes to two perfect strangers maybe getting a little intimate during the Show, well let’s just say this episode would rank high. One of the most memorable scenes is Steven killing a timber rattlesnake on day 14 and then eats the heart that’s still beating. After spending 21 days in the backwoods of Alabama, Chalese primitive survival rating increased to 6.7, and Stevens rose to an impressive 8.6 out of a perfect 10.

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Tawney on Naked and Afraid XL

Tawney Lynn on Naked and Afraid XL Season 2. Tawney was first seen on Naked and Afraid in Florida with Julio Castano, on the appropriately named “The Danger Within” episode. Everything seems normal the first few days in the swampland’s of Florida, but Julio’s mental health concerns became a real problem. Thankfully, the producers wisely pulled Castano on the 5th day of the Show before the danger within became a reality. Tawney had zero problems continuing the challenge all Alone in Florida and certainly slept much better starting that night. Tawney Lynn is 28 years old and lives in Spokane, Washington where she’s perfected her outdoor survival skills. Her initial survival rating was PSR: 7.2 at the beginning of the Show. After demonstrating primitive hunting skills including taking a fish away from an otter, Tawney’s survival rating heading into Naked and Afraid XL starts at PSR: 7.9 ratinh.

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