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American Tarzan Reality Show

 Discovery Channel’s new Outdoor Reality Show, American Tarzan features seven physically active contestants competing for the King (or Queen) of the Jungle. Just like Tarzan, all the contestants must survive off the land while competing in a grueling obstacle course covering four types of terrains. The wanna-be Tarzan’s need to survive thick jungle’s, steep canyons and mountains, and the coastal waters while traveling several miles a day living off the land.

American Tarzan Contestants

Tim Olsen on American Tarzan is from Boulder, Colorado, who runs for a living. Being a Professional Runner certainly helps Tim compete against the likes of Tarzan, but admits his survival skills is his greatest weakness. How long can Olsen keep going in the jungle with little food?

Tim Reames on American Tarzan is from Austin, Texas, who’s a Security Contractor in real life. Tim is a Recon Marine Veteran and has a reputation of never giving up no matter the obstacle. Reames lists Swimming and Survival as his greatest strengths for this challenge, while listing a bad ankle as his biggest weakness.

Maria Herrera on American Tarzan is from San Diego, California, and a Professional Spartan Racer and Bartender. Maria was involved in a luging accident a few years ago when she went off a cliff breaking her back. The Doctors said Herrera might never walk again, but She was determined not only to walk but to RUN. Maria lists Climbing and foraging as her greatest strengths for the American Tarzan Challenge, and swimming as her biggest weakness.

Jeremy Guarino on American Tarzan is from Buffalo, New York, and owns a gym called Build A Machine Fitness. He’s also a Martial Artist and Ninja Warrior, who practices Parkour, Yoga, swimming and long distance bike rides. Jeremy lists Parkour and climbing as his greatest strengths for the competition, and said his biggest weakness is a fear of heights.

Kim Liszka on American Tarzan is from Macungie, PA, who’s an Emergency Room Nurse in real life. Kim was a talented Track and Field Star in School but gave up that level of competing after having a son named Jace. Now that Jace is all grown up, Liszka wants to see if she still has what it takes to win this physically demanding competition.

Derek Knutson on American Tarzan is from Hayward, Wisconsin, who’s a professional Timber-sports Champion in real life. The two-time World Champion Speed Climber lists climbing, hunting and fire starting as Derek’s greatest strengths, and running as his biggest weakness.

Brandon Morrison on American Tarzan lives in Seattle Washington and competes as a Strongman for a living in real life. Can you believe only four years ago Brandon weighed 165 lbs soaking wet? Morrison lists power lifting and making primitive tools as his greatest strengths, and running as his biggest weakness for the competition.

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