How Much do Naked and Afraid Contestants Make?

How Much do Naked and Afraid Contestants Make? This fascinating TV shows strips contestants of their possessions and has them survive in the wilderness completely naked.

Survival TV shows are always a great way to pass time when there isn’t anything else going on in life. They can be entertaining, informative, and even educational if done right. One such survival show that has been around since 2014 but has recently gained popularity again is called “Naked And Afraid“.

In this article we will discuss what exactly is Naked and Afraid, how much does it pay out per episode, and finally we’ll take a look at the number of winning payouts people have received from the series so far. If you’re interested in taking part in Naked and Afraid, then read on!

What is Naked and Afraid?

The premise behind Naked and Afraid is simple enough. A group of four strangers (two men and two women) get dropped off alone into the wilderness with only their clothes and some basic supplies provided by the production company. Their goal is to survive 21 days without any outside contact or assistance while trying to find food and water.
After they’ve survived all that trauma, one person goes home each week as the winner (the last survivor standing). This continues until someone wins. However, did you know that the winner doesn’t get paid?

What Do you Get for Winning Naked and Afraid?

Technically, the longer you survive the more you get paid. While there isn’t a price, sources have confirmed with us that contestants of Naked and Afraid XL generally make between 20-30k while on the show. The total is around $10k for a 21-day k $3k-$5k for the 14-day challenge.

However, most contestants explain that they are not there for the money. The challenge of surviving alone and afraid in the wilderness for 21 days is a fulfilling reward. They are risking their lives and it is a high honor to be on the show.

Is Naked and Afraid Worth It?

To the average reader, surviving Naked and Afraid for a measly 20-30k does not seem worth it. However, for those looking at a shot at fame for surviving the outdoors, Naked and Afraid might be worth a chance. Now that you know How Much Naked and Afraid Contestants Make, you can decide if it is worth it.