Best Survival Movies List

best survival movies

List of the Best Survival Movies Here’s a list of the Best Wilderness Survival Movies for your enjoyment. The list of Real-Life Survival Movies is located here. Some of the Movies posted below deal with re-enacted real-life survival situations, while others portray what it might be like surviving a global catastrophe. 2012 Movie was filmed … Read more

Alone Casting Call: TV Reality Show Looking for Survivalist Experts

Alone Casting Call

Along Casting: It’s a Survivalist Experts World Alone Casting has fans thinking about the reality show. Do you love the outdoors? Could you survive with only a few items for a chance to win big cash? If you love this intense show on the History Channel and have been wondering if you could make the … Read more

Real Outdoor Survival Movies

real life outdoor survival movies

List of Real Life Outdoor Survival Movies Here’s a list of real-life and true-story Outdoor Survival Movies that are all worth watching if you spend lots of time in the Outdoors. Do you know of other true story’s about people surviving in the Wilderness? Please share with our viewers below. Thank you! 127 Hours – … Read more

Wilderness Survival Videos

List of Wilderness Survival Videos

List of Wilderness Survival Videos Here’s a list of real-life Outdoor Wilderness Survival Shows you can watch online for free. Some videos are personal challenges surviving alone in the wilderness, while others it’s simply a way of life. Watch several hours worth of real Outdoor Reality TV from the Wilderness Survival Channels posted below. The … Read more

Carleigh Fairchild Alone Season 3 – GoFundMe

carleigh fairchild go fund me

Carleigh Fairchild – GoFundMe If the producers on Alone Show were trying to upset its core audience in Season 3 finale, they did a fantastic job. After 86 days surviving Alone in Patagonia, only two contestants remained, Carleigh Fairchild and Zachary Fowler. Both determined survivalists were showing signs of malnutrition, but neither had any intentions … Read more