Alone Show Season 3

Alone Show Season 3 Survival Items List

Alone Show Season 3 Survival Items List The Alone Show Season 3 premiere starts December 8, 2016, in Patagonia, South America. The list of 10 survival items each contestant brought on the Show is listed below. The main list of survival items to choose from is the same from the first two Seasons when Alone … Read more

Alone Season 3 Winner Zachary Fowler

zach fowler alone season 3 winner

Zachary Fowler Alone Season 3 Winner Alone Season 3 sets a new record with Zachary Fowler winning $500,000.00 after 87 days surviving alone in Patagonia. Considering his checkbook balance was down to $38.71 when the prize money finally cleared the bank, it’s a good thing Fowler didn’t have to survive alone too much longer. How do … Read more