Alone Season 3 Winner Zachary Fowler

Zachary Fowler Alone Season 3 Winner

Alone Season 3 sets a new record with Zachary Fowler winning $500,000.00 after 87 days surviving alone in Patagonia. Considering his checkbook balance was down to $38.71 when the prize money finally cleared the bank, it’s a good thing Fowler didn’t have to survive alone too much longer. How do I know that? Because this soon-to-be Famous YouTube Star took his video camera to an ATM machine and printed a receipt before spending the first dime. How cool is that seeing the $500,000.00 prize in your bank account for the first time?

So what does this year’s Alone Season 3 winner plan on doing with half a million sitting in the bank? Fowler’s first major purchase was buying his wife, Jamie, a brand new car. He’s also paid off all their bills becoming 100% debt-free. Zachary now plans to build his family a brand new home after living in a Yurt for the past four years.

As far as investments go, Fowler’s investing in himself buying the best video equipment to produce high-quality videos for the Fowler’s Makery and Mischief Channel. If you haven’t already done so, consider subscribing to his channel not because he’s the longest survivor in the history of Alone, but because his videos are very much worth watching. This guy’s a natural making entertaining youtube videos while teaching you a new skill at the same time. If you weren’t a big fan of Fowler on Alone Season 3, (and especially if you are), you’d certainly be a fan of his YouTube Channel after watching the video posted below. Fowler has more energy, passion, and enthusiasm that he’s not even sure where to begin.

Alone Season 3 Finale

There’s a little controversy how Alone Season 3 Finale ended when Carleigh was pulled from the show after 86 days. It had nothing to do with Zach, but everything to do with how the producers chose to end the show. We now know Carleigh spent several days in the Hospital and took five months to recover fully. Fowler, on the other hand, was cleared by the doctors and got on the next flight home. Regardless of Zachary’s BMI (Body Mass Index) on the 86th day, there’s no question who won Alone Season 3 and why the producers did not declare season 3 a tie.

Congratulations Alone Season 3 winner, Zachary Fowler, for a setting the new survival record (87 days) much, much higher for future contestants.

Subscribe to the Fowler’s Makery and Mischief Channel following this year’s Alone Season 3 winner living a 100% debt-free homesteading lifestyle.  

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