Alone Season Winners

alone season winners

Alone Show Winners Lists Winning a season of “Alone” may be the most impressive reality tv show accomplishments. The contest is intense, grueling, and captivating. Making it onto the Alone Season Winners List is like the green jacket for survivalist. And winning the Alone Season Survival Challenge can earn the champion a million dollars. What … Read more

Alaskan Bush People

Watch Alaskan Bush People

Alaskan Bush People The Alaskan Bush People is History Channels surprising successful Outdoor Reality TV Show consisting of 51 Episodes in the first 3 Seasons. The Alaskan Bush People is a family of nine who’ve survived in the Alaskan Bush for over thirty years. Together, Billy Bryon Brown and his wife Amie Brown have seven … Read more

American Tarzan

american tarzan

American Tarzan Reality Show  Discovery Channel’s new Outdoor Reality Show, American Tarzan features seven physically active contestants competing for the King (or Queen) of the Jungle. Just like Tarzan, all the contestants must survive off the land while competing in a grueling obstacle course covering four types of terrains. The wanna-be Tarzan’s need to survive … Read more