Where Do the Last Alaskans Go To the Bathroom

The Last Alaskan is an exciting reality tv show following families of trappers who live in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. While their main concern throughout the day is eating and shelter, there are other human needs that need to be met. Such as, where do the last Alaskans go to the bathroom?

These families live in extreme conditions of Alaska and are almost completely isolated from civilization. They can’t just go to the restroom as we can. The good news is they are completely isolated and can use nature as needed. The problem? The unforgiving cold.

Going to the washroom in the forest is something many of us have done. However, not as many of us have done it when it is -20 that feels like -40 with windchill. The Last Alaskans are well aware of this.

Contestants on the last Alaskans go to the bathroom once or twice a day and prefer to go in areas with tree coverage. If they have built a shelter, then it becomes much easier to use one exterior side of it as protection from the wind.

Going to the bathroom outdoors is never comfortable. However, contestants of the Last Alaskan are facing a long list of challenges. Emptying their pipes before a long day of hunting is just part of their routine.

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