Alone Casting Call: TV Reality Show Looking for Survivalist Experts

Along Casting: It’s a Survivalist Experts World

Alone Casting has fans thinking about the reality show. Do you love the outdoors? Could you survive with only a few items for a chance to win big cash? If you love this intense show on the History Channel and have been wondering if you could make the cut, you are not alone. 

In season 9, the reality show contestants were dropped in Labrador, Canada. Following the contestants as they try to survive has viewers thinking about their favorites and focusing on how each individual survives this tough environment. While it’s early in the season, there is plenty of speculation on who will survive the show and win the prize.

Alone: TV Reality Show Brings Outdoors Inside

Thousands of people tune in every week to see what and how the adventure unfolds on the History Channel. This is one survivalist reality show that we all watch and Alone doesn’t disappoint. Not only do you need to be self-reliant, you need to forage for food, build shelter and not be overly enraged that you were dropped off in some remote place that nobody would venture willingly to go.

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Then if that’s not all enough, it’s taped and shared with the world as reality shows need their peeps! While it all sounds virtually impossible, it’s the last one standing that grabs everyone’s attention as they win $500,000.

Before Applying Consider Your Obligations

If you are considering the opportunity of being on History Channel’s Alone, you need to ask yourself how would this interrupt your life if you were picked. For every reality show star they are obligated to spend time away from their family and friends. Granted, it’s a chance of a lifetime, but it’s different from other reality shows as you will have zero contact with people. 

Also, you might have work, volunteer or family obligations to consider. People on the show have successfully balanced all their obligations so you could too! However, make sure you consider what might be asked before applying.

What Are You Taking With You?

The strategy of Alone contestants isn’t for the weak of heart. Some reality show contestants bring items to find food. Other contestants bring items to keep warm as they adjust. This really is a personal choice and makes the show so very interesting. What ten items would you select to bring on the survival journey?

How is Your Health?

Another very important element you need to consider before applying to Alone TV show is your health. Many people have speculated that the show primarily reflects individuals who are in top shape for the journey. As you can see, by watching the show, even some of the best trained survival experts still struggle with the weather, actions and the toll it takes on your body.

Alone Casting: The Search for Survival Master

If you’re watching History Channel’s Alone TV show and thinking you want to try for an upcoming season, then go for it! The best reality stars are those individuals who are invested in the shows and feel it appears to their skillset on a personal level. To get started in the Alone casting process, all you need to do is contact  production with your name, information and background about yourself. What happens next, be it production reaching out or you being turned down all depends on what the show is looking for!