Alone Season 9 Prohibited Gear List: Items Like Goggles, Maps and More

Alone Season 9 Prohibited Gear List

History Channel Alone Season 9 Prohibited Gear The Alone Season 9 Prohibited Gear list reads more like a list of banned creature comforts than survival items. In fact, for the most part you probably would use these items in your everyday life. There are obviously a few you wouldn’t be using, but still. Consider that … Read more

Alone Season 9 Gear List: Is it Enough to Survive the Wilderness?

Alone Season 9 Gear List

Alone Season 9 Gear List is Slim The participant gear list for the History Channel Alone Season 9 is out and viewers are wondering if survival will be possible. The reality show kicked off with daring survivalists and experts being dropped into a remote area of Canada. The beginning of the quest to win this … Read more

Alone Season 9: Shelter From Storm Offers First Look at Skills

Alone Season 9

Alone Season 9: Shelter From Storm On the History Channel’s Alone Season 9 the contestants were dropped deep into the wilderness in Labrador, Canada as they started the competition. The first order of business was the need to immediately make shelter for the upcoming night. Depending on what they brought and their skills, the contestant … Read more

History Channel’s More Power Show: Tim Allen, Richard Karn, April Wilkerson

History Channel More Power

History Channel’s More Power Show: TV Tool Evolution The History Channel is offering More Power just when you need it. Thinking it wasn’t possible to get interested in tools? Well, Home Improvement‘s Tim Allen and Richard Karn along with April Wilkerson (from Assembly Required on YouTube) are coming together for a new History Channel series … Read more

Alone Casting Call: TV Reality Show Looking for Survivalist Experts

Alone Casting Call

Along Casting: It’s a Survivalist Experts World Alone Casting has fans thinking about the reality show. Do you love the outdoors? Could you survive with only a few items for a chance to win big cash? If you love this intense show on the History Channel and have been wondering if you could make the … Read more

90 Day Fiancé Casting Call: TLC Searching for Overseas Relationships

90 Day Fiance Casting Call

90 Day Fiancé Looking for Overseas Relationships One of the most popular shows on TLC is looking for more reality stars. The casting call of 90 Day Fiance is looking for Americans ready to leave the United States for love. Filming the journey and finding out how it all goes down, the relationship show is … Read more