Alone List of Survival Items

Entire Alone List of Survival Items

We all know contestants pick from a list of survival items (list of 40 items below) but what else is on Alone List of Survival Items nobody talks about? Obviously, the contestants film themselves with several cameras, lights, batteries, etc., along with a satellite phone and GPS tracking device in case of a real-life emergency survival situation. But what other gear do the contestants bring on Alone that we never hear about during the Show? Surprisingly, some of the items provided to “All contestants” is also found on the list of 40 survival items to choose from, and in fact, additional survival tools not counted in the total.

List of Extra Survival Gear All Alone Contestants Receive

How long could you survive with the list of gear already provided to “All Alone Contestants”? (Not including the additional 10 survival items mentioned on the Show)

  1.  5 pounds Emergency Rations with Water
  2.  20′ x 20′ Canvas Tarp
  3.  10″ x 10″ Canvas Tarp
  4.  First Aid Kit (Military Grade)
  5.  Small Mirror (looking good for the camera, fire starting, signaling, etc.)
  6.  Bear Spray
  7.  Air Horn
  8.  Emergency Flair
  9.  Head Lamp with plenty of batteries
  10.  One Photograph so you get Homesick being Alone.
  11.  Emergency Floatation Device
  12.  2 Pairs of Pants
  13.   2 Wool Shirts
  14.  One T-Shirt
  15.  Wool Sweater
  16.  Hunting Boots
  17.  Light Jacket
  18.  Rain Jacket and Pants
  19.  3 Pairs of Wool Socks
  20.  Pair of Warm Gloves
  21.  Winter Hat
  22.  Baseball Hat
  23.  Bandana
  24.  Pair of Gators
  25.  Pair of Sandals
  26.  2 Pairs of Underwear
  27.  Pair of Log-Johns (Thermal Underwear)
  28.  Toothbrush with Toothpaste
  29.  Backpack to Carry All Gear
  30.  Large Box Filled with Camera Gear, Batteries, etc.

Alone List of Survival Items (Entire List)

In addition to the gear all contestants receive, (listed above) the additional Alone List of Survival Items is listed below. Each contestant chooses an additional 10 survival items from the 40 listed below. What 10 “extra” survival items would you bring if you were cast on the Alone Show? Not surprisingly, all 10 Contestants on Alone Season 3, chose 7 of the same survival items from the list below. 

  1.  Hunting Survival Knife
  2.  Pocket Knife
  3.  Multitool
  4.  Sleeping Bag
  5.  Bivi Bag (sleeping bag cover)
  6.  Sleeping Pad (Already included in list above)
  7.  Hammock
  8.  12′ x 12′ Tarp (In addition to the two tarps already provided)
  9.  Ferro Rod or Flint
  10.  Bic Disposable Lighter
  11.  Hatchet
  12.  Axe (any length)
  13.  Bow Saw or Pruning Saw
  14.  Small Shovel
  15.  550 Paracord (60 feet)
  16.  Climbing Rope (25 feet)
  17.  Cooking Pot with Lid (2-quart max)
  18.  Large Frying Pan
  19.  Eating Bowl with Spoon
  20.  Canteen / Water Bottle
  21.  120 feet of Dental Floss
  22.  Fishing Gear (300 “total yards” of fishing line with 25 assorted hooks)
  23.  Recurve Wooden Bow with 6 Arrows (Field or Hunting tips, your choice, it doesn’t seem to matter)
  24.  Canister of Bear Spray (Incase you run out of the other bear spray already included in the list above)
  25.  Sling Shot
  26.  Gill Net (5′ x 30′)
  27.  3.5 pounds small gauge wire
  28.  Sharpening Stone
  29.  Roll of Duct Tape or Electrical Tape
  30.  Compact Sewing Kit
  31.  Hygiene Kit (Shampoo, Bar of Soap, Toothpaste, Comb, Towel, Wash Cloth, Razor, extra bag)
  32.  Extra Flashlight
  33. 5 pounds of Pemmican Emergency Food Rations
  34.  5 pounds Beef Jerky
  35.  5 lbs Chocolate
  36.  5 lbs Gorp (Trail Mix)
  37.  5 lbs Bitlong Dried Meat
  38.  5 pounds Flour
  39.  5 pounds Military Biscuits
  40.  2 pounds Sugar or Rice and 1 pound of Salt

List of Alone Season 3 Contestants Survival Gear

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