History Channel’s More Power Show: Tim Allen, Richard Karn, April Wilkerson

History Channel’s More Power Show: TV Tool Evolution

The History Channel is offering More Power just when you need it. Thinking it wasn’t possible to get interested in tools? Well, Home Improvement‘s Tim Allen and Richard Karn along with April Wilkerson (from Assembly Required on YouTube) are coming together for a new History Channel series called the More Power show. It is showcasing those tools found in the garages, machine shops and everywhere else. And it looks to be a fun time in the tool shop!

It’s Tool Time!

The History Channel show More Power will be talking about the history of tools, celebrating some of the coolest tools on the planet and showcasing the power of the machines. Of course, it’s going to be an interesting adventure enjoying the 10-episode nonfiction series premiering on Wednesday, June 29 at 10/9c. 

However, what viewers are going to be loving is how the trio comes together and offers the evolution of the tools, which will include iconic examples of how the tools work, what has changed over the years and how the equipment works in real time. That’s right, the three hosts will be putting on their tool glasses and showcasing just how the tools work – both of yesteryear and today!

One Tool: One Episode

Themed around one tool each episode , the fun side of More Power TV show is how the everyday machines and appliances that feature these tools. While we might use tools in today’s world, the tools were created in unique ways and evolved into our life and usage. Some of the more exciting parts of the  tool show will be how the tools were modified and why the inventive spirit of entrepreneurs and tool makers brought new ways of making, fixing and creating things with tools. Yes, there will even be a few hysterical modifications shown too!


Tim’s Maker Challenge

The show will also be bringing the tool to life per se. Inviting a professional skilled maker into his shop, one segment the viewers will get to watch is their participation in “Tim’s Maker Challenge.”  Making crazy new builds, the challenge is to solve everyday problems with a new tool and ultimately embodies the mission of the name of the History Channel show “More Power.”

More Reality Content: Trixie Motel

If you love inventions, think power tools are cool or want to explore how some of the most basic tools evolved from their humble beginning, this is a fun and informative show to watch. Of course, anything with the Home Improvement cast is bound to have fun banter, plenty of crazy moments and a little bit of humor too!

In Conclusion

History Channel More Power Show, Series Premiere, Wednesday, June 29, 10/9c. The show is a 10-episode nonfiction series with every program offering a look at a different type of tool. Set your DVR to watch this fun tool time!