Amazing Graze: Board Games: Cooking Channel offers Charcuterie Board Challenge

Amazing Graze: Board Games – A New Cooking Reality Show

Raise your hand if you’ve always wanted to be a charcuterie board artist. On the upcoming Amazing Graze: Board Games on the Cooking Channel, the TV competition offers the best of the charcuterie boards. Obviously judged and sampled in a reality show type competition, your mouth will water watching all the lovely ingredients perfectly piled in a visual presentation. And these are not your mother’s charcuterie boards as the pros have entered the building.

It’s delightful to learn of a new cooking show, that’s unique and brings in the best. Technically though, it’s probably not as much as a cooking show as it is a kitchen show. I mean, it’s probably cutting hairs, but even so, this is one show to watch. If you’ve always wanted to see the tips and tricks of top notch charcuterie board artists, then Amazing Graze: Board Games on Cooking Channel is where you need to be. This fun competition is a visual look at how to make amazing charcuterie boards and there are no second chances to impress with these platters. 

Charcuterie Board Artists Bring the Ingredients

Cheese? Meat? Fruit? Vegetables? Fruit? And Wait…what else? If you’re an amateur Charcuterie Board Artist like myself, you definitely have hit up the Pinterest listings on how to present the food arrangement and even what ingredients make Charcuterie Boards perfect. It’s not easy for the perfect look. Don’t even get me started about the ingredients. Anyone who thinks a typical charcuterie board presentation needs to think again. It’s not easy!

Charcuterie Boards are a Work of Art

I’m not too proud to admit that I’ve tried elements that I know should have been left in a bowl (yes, I am talking about the popcorn.) I’ve even hired a pal or two for an office party spread as I couldn’t be trusted for a pretty presentation in front of pal. However, this Cooking Channel competition gives me some hope.  Viewers (as well as myself)  might pick up a few tips from the professionals and cheer on my favorite teams. Learning from the professionals competing in an unique cooking show when I’m watching reality TV is my kind of studying.


The Amazing Graze: Board Games is all about staying in the game for the final prize of  the ultimate food-lovers trip to Italy and the title of Best In Board. With two challenges to make their best showcases, it’s going to be a Charcuterie Board delight. And it might even make all the viewers (like you and me) very hungry!

Amazing Graze: Board Games can be found on the Cooking Channel debuting on June 3rd, 2022. Check your local TV listings for show times!

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