Trixie Motel With Trixie Mattel: Rent a Five-Star Room in Palm Springs

Spend a Night With Trixie Motel With Trixie Mattel

Looking to rent a Room in Palm Springs? Fans of the Trixie Motel With Trixie Mattel reality show are definitely planning a trip to the desert to check out this new, hot hotel! Even the locals might want to check out this rundown resort that underwent a major facelift by making over all seven rooms to Trixie’s delight. 

Trixie Mattel brings the pink to Palm Springs in the new reality series Trixie Motel With Trixie Mattel. For anyone looking for a fun reality show riddled with celebrities and sledgehammers, you need to tune in to Discovery+ to see Trixie renovate the destination of her dreams. It’s not your typical home DIY show and even Barbie might be surprised to see all the pink. Yes, it’s delightfully pink everywhere!

Trixie Pulls out All the Pink

If you aren’t familiar with Trixie Mattel, you need to know that RuPaul’s Drag Race winner and the best selling author is all about taking risks and making things happen. Trixie is definitely offering  delightful entertainment for the masses with this latest reality TV show. Giving the best renovation show in heels (which has us completely impressed as we can barely walk in heels) this delightful television series is going to have viewers shouting for joy.

Celebrities Show up in Palm Springs

The fun of Trixie Motel renovation doesn’t end with Trixie, in fact that’s just the beginning. The different celebrities showing up on this series will make your jaw drop. Yes, it’s that exciting! This includes Katya, Mo Heart, Jaida Essence Hall, Nicole Byer, Juno Birch, Brittany Broski, Gigi Gorgeous, Orville Peck and others. Hopefully Trixie can get her celeb friends to grab a sledgehammer and help too.


The Trixie Motel is already getting 5-star reviews on Google and the doors haven’t even opened yet. Fans, visitors and anyone who loves Trixie is showing up to support this unique reality show. It’s a new way to entertain and frankly, who would like to watch Trixie in action? There is even a watching party for this reality show in West Hollywood and that’s pretty cool! Working with a sledge hammer and beating the Palm Springs heat, we hope this is going to be the first of many hotel resorts Trixie takes to remodel. 

In Conclusion

If you are looking to see the real resort featured on Trixie Motel With Trixie Mattel, it might be advantageous to keep an eye on when this officially opens. Don’t be surprised if renting a room in this hot destination will take a little work as it appears to be the latest hottest hotel in Palm Springs.

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