Mike Lowe from Alone Show Season 2

Did you know Mike Lowe from Alone Show in Season 2 is a Pastor in real life? The History Channel mentions Mike’s been teaching outdoor survival skills dating back to 1980 as a Survival School Instructor for the U.S. Air Force, and currently runs a wilderness school called the Wilderness Way Adventure’s but never mentions it’s a successful Christian ministry. After thirty-six years training thousands of service members and countless civilians how to survive in the wilderness, Pastor Mike Lowe made for a perfect instructor/contestant for the History Channels Alone Show.

Mike Lowe joined the Alone Show’s Season 2 not to survive on Vancouver Island as most contestants do, but to thrive using his vast knowledge when it comes to wilderness survival skills. While some of the contestants were practically starving while searching for edible food or cussing at the forest for its unforgivable ways, Mike’s sitting at camp with his custom-made table and chairs playing a game of dice carved out of wood. By all accounts Mike successfully settled in on the Alone Show and was thriving on Vancouver Island to the point He almost looked bored.

What else is there to do for Mike Lowe from Alone on an island when you’ve already made all the creature comforts of home including running water at your campsite? Well, I guess you could start thinking about Barbara. All Mike wanted to talk about was Barbara, Barbara, Barbara. She’s obviously Mike’s sole-mate in real life, but when it came to the Alone Show Mike quickly learned he can’t live alone and certainly not without Barbara. Maybe the History Channel will consider another Outdoor Reality Show called “Alone – plus one” in which case this wilderness survival instructor couple might be surviving in the woods for the entire year if Mike can only convince Barbara to go.

Mike Lowe from Alone Show Survival Rating Score: (93 out of 100)

Even though Mike tapped-out of the Alone Show after living Alone on Vancouver Island for only three weeks, His overall outdoor survival skills were second to none.  Calm, cool and collective is a good way describing Lowe’s performance on the Show. Mike learned a valuable lesson that’s probably now part of Wilderness Way Schools, “Even if you know how to survive and even thrive in the woods, What’s the point if You’re All Alone?”



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Mike Lowe from Alone Season 2
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