Wilderness Survival Videos

List of Wilderness Survival Videos

Here’s a list of real-life Outdoor Wilderness Survival Shows you can watch online for free. Some videos are personal challenges surviving alone in the wilderness, while others it’s simply a way of life. Watch several hours worth of real Outdoor Reality TV from the Wilderness Survival Channels posted below. The next time you’re bored watching regular TV, just remember OutdoorRealityShows.com growing list of the Best Outdoor Survival TV Shows and Videos online.

Extreme Winter Survival Challenge

Kenton Whitman from ReWild University puts his outdoor wilderness survival skills to the test in this Extreme Winter Survival Video. Kenton heads into the freezing wilderness with only a pair of snowshoes and a pocketknife for an overnight trip. There’s nothing too extreme about spending one night outdoors, but what if you purposely fell in the frozen lake to really test your survival skills? No matches of fire starter in sight. You have a bunch of wet clothes, a pocket knife, and the will to survive the Extreme Winter Night. When it comes to Winter Survival, it seems Kenton takes this challenge to the extreme.

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30 Days Alone in the Wilderness

Outdoor survival instructor Chandan Lahiri, from the OTA Survival School, sets off on a 30-day wilderness challenge in the Himalayan’s with Adnan Vahanvaty. With two opposing sides living in the jungle all month, will the partners survive or thrive this wilderness adventure?

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Surviving Alone in Alaska

Heimo and Edna Korth live 150 miles north of the Arctic Circle inside 19 million acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. While there’s only a hand-full of family’s grandfathered into the Refuge, the Korth Family’s the only ones living in the refuge full time. The Host for Surviving Alone in Alaska quickly realized this was “real” when Heimo handed him a shotgun to sleep with at night. After surviving Alone in Alaska since 1982, (34 years) the Korth’s have mastered the art of wilderness survival skills.

Several Outdoor Wilderness Survival Shows was inspired by Heimo and Edna Korth’s lifestyle including The Final Frontiersman and Alone in the Arctic Wilderness. The biggest Show to date is the new The Last Alaskans” on the Discovery Channel. The Surviving Alone in Alaska video was posted back in 2012. Now only four years later they’re co-hosts on their own Outdoor Reality Show, The Last Alaskans. When it comes to Real-Life Outdoor Wilderness Survival Shows on TV, The Last Alaskans gets a solid 5 Star Rating in my book.

The Real Castaway

Have you ever dreamed of surviving on a Tropical Island? Not just any Island but one resembling The Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins. At 15 years old, Martin Popplewell watched The Blue Lagoon Movie and was determined to turn that dream into his real reality. Including Brooke Shields. In 1989 when Martin turned 18 years old, The Real Castaway found his Brooke Shields in 30-year-old Helen Freeman. The new couple moved to the uninhabited Island to live their fantasy and quickly learned the daily struggles of surviving. The movie inspired dream lasted 7 months before moving back to civilization.

12 years after leaving their tropical Island, Martin and Helen returned to their piece of paradise. The Real Castaway Documentary reunites the two castaways on their desert island to re-live their childhood dreams. I wonder how many thousands of teenagers also dreamed about The Blue Lagoon? But there’s only one Real Castaway making it his reality.

Suggest a Wilderness Survival Show to add to the list. The main purpose of starting this site is an easier way to search and watch the Best Outdoors Shows and Video Channels Online. I love to watch all types of outdoor-related videos and discover new channels along the way. If you’d like to suggest an Outdoor Wilderness Survival Show, Video or Channel to be added to the list, please tell me about in the comment section below. Help us build a list of quality real-life Wilderness Survival Shows while helping build their subscriber lists. It’s a Win/Win/Win for all parties involved. The next time there’s nothing to watch on TV, just remember there’s a growing list of the Best Outdoor Survival Shows you can watch anytime online.

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