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The Hunting Reality Show called “Trip Mag” is about a mother Gina Fantasky, and her two daughters Madison now ten years old and Alyssa now eighteen years old, going on hunting and fishing trips around the globe. Out of all the exciting episodes Triple Mag’s posted on Youtube, we chose the video below to highlight this Outdoors Hunting Reality Show to our readers if you’ve never seen this Show before. How entertaining is it watching a mother with two young daughters go deer hunting? Well, watch the Triple Mag video below when all three successfully shoot a deer and end another successful Season in this episode 13, and you’ll also be a Fan of the Trip Mag Outdoors Reality Show. I don’t care how good of an actor someone is because you just can’t fake those types of emotions after a successful hunt.

As far as Hunting Reality Shows are concerned, the Triple Mag Show is rated-G, and most young hunters will enjoy watching as this is a family show. It’s easy seeing Madison someday becoming a professional hunting guide, and Alyssa becoming a Famous Country Star with multiple #1 hit records. If you like Country Music, then listen to the intro for the video above written and sang by Alyssa Fantasky, and tell me that’s not already a #1 Country Hit.

The name for the Trip Mag Hunting Reality Show doesn’t have anything to do with magnum as you might expect. Instead, the “Trip” stands for the three female hunters and “Mag” is the first three letters in all their first names. Gina’s husband, Matt Fantasky, is seldom seen on the TripMag Show but does a lot of behind-the-scenes planning for future hunting trips and filming for the Show.

Can you make a lot of money hosting your own outdoor reality show? According to the Fantasky’s, the answer is no. The sponsors pay for the air time for the Trip Mag Show, but the Family flips the bill for all the hunting trips.

“We certainly don’t make any money at this,” Gina said, laughing. “This is our passion so we would be doing it anyway. It’s just that we are filming it now!”

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Trip Mag Hunting Show
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