Alaskan Bush People Season 6

Alaskan Bush People Season 6

Several rumors reported Alaskan Bush People Season 6 would be canceled because of Billy Brown’s Health, Bam-Bam quitting, and if Matt would return to the Show after rehab. The Alaskan Bush People Season 5 ended with the Wolf Pack moving back to the lower 48 so Billy would be closer to a Hospital. Matt was also not in a good place from too much partying down at the local bar when not filming for the Show. Rumors also reported Bam-Bam was showing signs of growing out of Brown Town as He’s certainly not getting any younger.

What could patch the Alaskan Bush People back together for Season 6 Premiere Episode starting January 4, 2017? Money! Lots and lots of money. In fact, the Alaskan Bush People will more than double their Net Worth in Season 6 alone.

The entire Brown Family (aka The Wolf Pack) including Billy, Ami, Matt, Bam-Bam, Gabe Noah, Bear, Snowbird, and Rain, have all become rich and very popular Outdoor Reality Stars beyond any of their imaginations. The once financially struggling Family took the memories written in a book Billy wrote “One Wave At A Time,” and together transformed it into one of Discovery Channels Most Popular Reality Shows.

Billy Brown’s Book “One Wave At A Time”

There’s lot’s of talk Alaskan Bush People might be fake or staged for the Outdoor Reality Show. The reality is, the Show started off recreating real-life experiences when the family was living in the Alaskan Bush and when the book “ONE WAVE AT A TIME” was written. The original paperback book has also become a highly collectible because of the Show.

It took the entire Brown Family working (acting) together to make this “Family Show” into the huge success it’s become today. You can measure the Brown’s acting abilities by the number of folks questioning if the Alaskan Bush People is a real show or staged for the camera. If that were a measurement for winning an Emmy, Grammy or any other Reality TV Award, the Brown Family (as a whole) would win them all. I’m not saying it’s always good acting, (especially when hunting or demonstrating survival skills) but they’re certainly entertaining and deserve all the success coming their way.

Browntown Christmas Episode

The Alaskan Bush People headed back to Browntown a little early this year to film Season 6 Christmas Special Episode released December 8, 2016, on the Discovery Channel. Billy’s health seems much better, and Matt rejoins the Wolf Pack just in time for Christmas. A few of Billy’s long-lost cousins also visit Brown Town and meet all seven of the kid’s for the first time.

The Christmas Episode also has a few previews for the new Alaskan Bush People Season 6 beginning January 4, 2017. One scene shows a Grizzly Bear coming dangerously close to Brown Town in the middle of the day. Gabe and Bam-Bam get within 50 yards of the Grizzly sitting in an open field. The scene doesn’t look staged, but then the preview shows Gabe rolling on the ground as he’s running towards the bear.

Bear and Snow Bird go Duck Hunting for the Family’s Christmas Dinner, but they can’t seem to hit anything after shooting a few boxes of shotgun shells. Matt the oldest son, and youngest daughter Rain go hunting for spent brass casings (shells) and make Bush-style Christmas ornaments. Billy and son, Noah, take their guests visiting Browntown out to the shooting range and loose a $100.00 challenge.

All in all, it looks like Browntown’s finally becoming a Home starting in Season 6.

What do you think about the Alaskan Bush People? Will you watch the first Season 6 Episode on January 4, 2017, when it premiere’s on the Discovery Channel?

Would you like to visit Brown Town next Summer? Leave a comment why you want to meet the Brown Family and spend a few days in the Alaskan Bush. Hint – Be specific as to the “why” and share with your Friends.