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If George “Buzzard” Massie the host of the original Gold Fever Show and founder of GPAA (Gold Prospectors Association of America) could see how far his Sons have evolved the business I’m sure He would be proud. The original Gold Fever Show evolved featuring the Buzzard every Saturday morning to an entire Outdoor Channel featuring Shows 24 hours a day. After all these years, (I remember watching the Gold Fever Show back when the Buzzard Special was only $69) the Gold Fever is still in production hosted by his son, Tom Massie, president of the Outdoor Channel. Unfortunately, George passed away in 1993, the same year the Massie’s started their channel dedicated to the Great Outdoors.

Tom Massie and his brother Perry, the chairman of the Outdoor Channel, spent the majority of their lives prospecting for gold and hosted numerous gold-related-shows on the Outdoor Channel. Some other Shows include Gold Fever, Prospecting America, and Alaska Expedition. Gold Fever’s going into its 15th Season making this one of the most successful TV series of all time. Not even the Buzzard Himself could’ve imagined his little Gold Fever Show would turn into a Global Empire.

What made the Gold Fever Show a phenomenal success dating back to one of the original Reality Shows that’s still on TV was combining education while still being entertaining. Sure there’s scripted drama like most Outdoor Reality Shows, but Gold Fever’s filled with a lifetime’s worth of experience. The Gold Rush Alaska Show features mining crews spend hundred’s of thousands of dollars to start a gold mining operation. While the Gold Fever Show teaches you how to go gold prospecting for under $100.

Another reason why Gold Fever was successful from the beginning was George Massie promoting the GPAA during every episode. Unknowingly, the Massie’s may have produced the first infomercial without even knowing it. The Gold Fever Show teaches the basics when it comes to finding gold, but the GPAA provides places to go prospecting.

Joining the Gold Prospectors Association of America cost as little as $69.50 and includes everything to find gold. For starters, you’ll receive a 14″ gold pan that’s a must-have for all serious gold prospectors. You also get a small sniffer bottle for getting the fine gold out of the pan. You also receive subscriptions to Gold Prospectors Magazine and the Pick and Shovel Gazette. GPAA patches, stickers, instructional video and a hat also comes in your package. But most importantly you’ll get a thick book filled with hundreds of GPAA mining claims in the USA.

If you’re a current GPAA Member, then you have free access to all the gold claims. Is there still gold up in them there hills? Well, considering most of Gold Fever Shows are filmed on GPAA claims, the answer’s clearly yes. Tom Massie continues to prove the old timers may have found a lot of the gold, but they didn’t find it all. Each year new gold mining technology continues to evolve.

What is Tom Massie Net Worth?

In 2013 the Outdoor Channel was acquired by Kroenke Sports and Entertainment for $265 million. Considering the Massie Brothers owned a reported 41% of Outdoor Channel Holdings combined, they certainly hit the Mother Load. Tom Massie and his Brother Perry, also sold large blocks of options leading up to the all-cash offer buyout. For instance, they sold a combined $12 million Outdoor Channel Options in early 2000’s as the business grew. Who would’ve though the real Mother Load wouldn’t come from gold but from the Outdoor Channels success? When you see Tom prospecting for gold or making videos, it’s not because he needs the money. Tom Massie’s net worth is estimated over $70 million.

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Do you watch Gold Fever on the Outdoor Channel? Did the Show inspire you to go gold prospecting like it did our Family? Are you a GPAA member yet? Share your favorite gold prospecting adventures below.

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