Dual Survival

Dual Survival Cast Members List The Dual Survival Show enters the 8th Season on Discovery Channel with yet another change in cast members. Out of 8 Seasons, we’ve seen 7 Outdoor Survivalists hosting the Dual Survival Show. It appears keeping two outdoor survivalists together with entirely different primitive skills has become the primary challenge for … Read more

Joe Robinet on Alone Show Season 1

Out of the thousands of outdoor enthusiasts applying for the History Channels $500,000.00 survival challenge on “Alone” in Season 1, one contestant by the name of Joe Robinet had one thing going for him making him stand out in this crowded field. Already having a successful Outdoors You-Tube Channel dating back to 2007, (over 70,000 … Read more

Alaska The Last Frontier

Alaska: The Last Frontier Ratings and Reviews  Alaska The Last Frontier is an Outdoor Reality Show exclusively seen on the Discovery Channel. Alaska The Last Frontier show follows the Kilcher Family located outside Homer, Alaska on property the family’s been homesteading for almost 100 years when Yule and Ruth Kilcher immigrated from Switzerland to outside … Read more

Gold Rush Alaska

Gold Rush Alaska Reality Show The Gold Rush Alaska Reviews is gearing up for Season 8 of Discovery Channels successful Outdoor Reality Show. What started as a bunch of want-to-be gold miners heading to Alaska when gold was approaching $2000.00 per ounce, has turned into the real reality of what it takes to become a … Read more

Sam from Alone Show

Sam from Alone Show Casting Tape Did you know Sam from Alone Show in Season 1 was the youngest contestant surviving on Vancouver Island seen on the History Channel? Sam survived 56 days Alone and outlasted eight other wilderness survival experts while finishing in second place behind Alan Kay, the winner of History Channels $500,000.00 prize. After living … Read more