Where Do the Last Alaskans Go To the Bathroom

Where Do the Last Alaskans Go To the Bathroom

The Last Alaskan is an exciting reality tv show following families of trappers who live in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. While their main concern throughout the day is eating and shelter, there are other human needs that need to be met. Such as, where do the last Alaskans go to the bathroom? … Read more

Deadliest Catch Ships & Boat Names

Deadliest Catch Ships

You’ve likely heard about it, or maybe even watched an episode of TV’s “Deadliest Catch.” But have you ever wondered what about the names of Deadliest Catch Ships? The reality series follows several commercial fishing vessels as they try to haul in their biggest catches in order to earn money while battling dangerous storms at … Read more

How Much do Naked and Afraid Contestants Make?

How Much do Naked and Afraid Contestants Make?

How Much do Naked and Afraid Contestants Make? This fascinating TV shows strips contestants of their possessions and has them survive in the wilderness completely naked. Survival TV shows are always a great way to pass time when there isn’t anything else going on in life. They can be entertaining, informative, and even educational if … Read more

Alone Season Winners

alone season winners

Alone Show Winners Lists Winning a season of “Alone” may be the most impressive reality tv show accomplishments. The contest is intense, grueling, and captivating. Making it onto the Alone Season Winners List is like the green jacket for survivalist. And winning the Alone Season Survival Challenge can earn the champion a million dollars. What … Read more

Alone Show Contestants Season 2


List of Alone Show Contestants for Season 2 Here’s a list of contestants seen on Alone Show in Season 2 with videos explaining the list of ten survival items they took to Vancouver Island. There’re a few noticeable differences in strategies compared to Alone Season 1 contestants. The biggest surprise was two contestants chose two … Read more

Mountain Men

mountain men cast

Mountain Men Cast Members The Mountain Men Outdoor Reality Show recently started its 5th successful Season. Is the cast on this outdoor reality show really modern-day Mountain Men and Women? Or is this a scripted Show? As with the case with several reality shows, the cast members are both real-life outdoors families living in the wilderness, … Read more

Mitch Mitchell on Alone

Mitch Mitchell on Alone

Not only did Mitch Mitchell on Alone Show Season 1 find success on Vancouver Island surviving for 43 days, but He’s also had tremendous “financial” success adding to his net worth on his Outdoor Reality YouTube Show as a result. It’s hard tracking back how many subscriber’s Mitchell’s “Native Survival School” before he appeared on … Read more